When calling from a cell phone DO NOT PRESS "SEND" after entering destination number. This might result in additional charges from your wireless provider. Neither MasterCall Connections, LLC. nor its authorized agents shall be responsible for any costs incurred by the User, including cell phone provider charges, in the event the User incorrectly uses the Service or uses the Service for any unlawful purpose.



This User Agreement ("Agreement") sets forth the terms and conditions that apply to your purchases of Products and Services from www.wdteasy.com (the "Website"). By registering to use the Website, opening a User Account, or using the Service or any of Our Products, You agree to the terms and conditions in this Agreement and the Website Terms of Use, and any changes that may be made to the Agreement or to the Terms of Use. If You do not agree to the terms of this Agreement or have any questions about the Agreement, do not purchase or use Our Products without contacting MasterCall Connections, LLC. immediately at 1-888-606-0938.


"User Account" means a 10 digit ANI, corresponding to either a mobile/cellular phone number or a fixed line number provided by the purchaser to which purchaser can transfer funds to use the Product. "User" "You" and "Your" means the user of the Services or owner of the User Account (as defined below).MasterCall Connections, LLC.," "We," "Our," and "Us" means MasterCall Connections, LLC. and its affiliates authorized to sell and/or distribute MasterCall Connections, LLC. Products and Services.

"MasterCall Connections, LLC. Service" or "Service" means the MasterCall Connections, LLC. proprietary card-less service which provides the User with international calling capability. "Website" is the website found at www.wdteasy.com and contains the specific prices and charges, Service descriptions and other terms and conditions not set forth here that apply to the Service.

You can also request information about the specific prices and charges, Service descriptions and other terms and conditions not set forth here that apply to the Service by calling MasterCall Connections, LLC. at 1-888-606-0838. This Agreement incorporates by reference the Service's prices, charges, restrictions and the terms and conditions for using the Service and/or owning a User Account, as well as any disclosures, provisions, limitations or other information provided with, or printed on any promotional materials associated with the Service.

Charges and Payment


To use the MasterCall Connections, LLC. Service, You must fund Your User Account with a sufficient balance. Any prices for the Service may also include additional fees, including, but not limited to, any applicable taxes. All requests to open a User Account or to fund such User Account are subject to acceptance by Us.

Price Changes, Rate and Fee Changes

We may change the prices associated with the Service from time to time, and such changes will be effective from the time they are posted on the Website. The terms and conditions of the Service, including the rates for calls made in conjunction with the use of the Service and the fees associated with the Service, are subject to change at any time without prior notice. You may contact MasterCall Connections, LLC. Customer Service Representatives at 1-888-606-0938 if You have any questions about the Service, including the domestic or international long distance rates associated with the Service.


You must have a sufficient balance on Your User Account at the time you wish to use the Service. Acceptable forms of payment include credit card, debit card, PayPal and any other form of payment MasterCall Connections, LLC. may authorize in the future. We do not waive our right to collect the full amount due if Your form of payment is cancelled, disabled, discontinued or otherwise dishonored after Your use of the Service.

Opening a User Account and Transferring Funds

A User Account can be opened at authorized reseller locations and on this Website. You may top-up /refill Your balance with any amount at any time either through any participating reseller with cash or through a credit card web transaction. PIN entry is not required. The phone number you provide upon opening Your User Account will be automatically recognized by MasterCall Connections, LLC.'s system. You are responsible for preventing the unauthorized use of Your User Account and the Service, and You are responsible for any reduction in value of Your User Account arising out of either authorized or unauthorized use.


You are responsible for and must pay any applicable taxes in connection with your purchase and use of the Service.

Information Verification

You give us permission to verify all information You provide, including Your credit card or debit card information, along with Your email address and any other pertinent information which We request.

Purchase Limits

MasterCall Connections, LLC. may, in its sole discretion, limit the number of User Accounts You open and/or maintain at one time, or over a certain period of time. We reserve the right to reject Your attempt to open a User Account and reserve the right to close any User Account (with a corresponding refund) if the number of Your Accounts exceeds any limit which We choose to impose.


MasterCall Connections, LLC. will refund your account balance (minus any promotional and/or bonus amounts) at any time for any reason provided that You have a valid credit card on file with Us.


Account balances do not expire. However, if there are no calls made with the User Account for 12 months, then the User Account will become dormant, and MasterCall Connections, LLC. will stop providing the Service. User Accounts can be re-activated at any time by contacting customer service.

Suspending/Canceling the Service

You agree not to use the Service for any unlawful, abusive, or fraudulent purpose, including, for example, using the Service in a way that (1) interferes with Our ability to provide the Service to You or to other customers; or (2) violates applicable law or this Agreement; or (3) avoids your obligation to pay for the Service; or (4) is not for consumer use. You agree not to resell the Service (whether for profit or otherwise) or to use the Service for any unlawful or abusive purpose or in such a way as to create damage or risk to Our business, reputation, employees, facilities, third parties or to the public generally. If We have reason to believe that You or someone else is abusing the Service fraudulently or unlawfully through Your User Account, or if Your form of payment for the Service is cancelled, disabled, discontinued or otherwise dishonored after You fund Your User Account, We reserve the right to immediately suspend, restrict, deactivate or cancel the Service and close Your User Account without advance notice. In the event of suspension or cancellation of the Service due to any other aforementioned reasons, You hereby agree to pay any and all outstanding charges for the Service and to reimburse Us for any reasonable costs We incur in securing said payment , including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees, court fees, and any other collection-related costs. We may impose restrictions on the form of payment You may use, and/or may refuse to provide the Service to You, if any of Your previous payments for the Service has failed to result in MasterCall Connections, LLC.'s receipt of the entire amount payable to Us in connection with such payment. MasterCall Connections, LLC. may from time to time discontinue offering the Service, or if necessary, cancel all User Accounts, immediately upon a determination by any governmental authority that the provision of the Service is contrary to any