WDT Easy is a new, great service from WDT. WDT Easy offers:

  • lowest rates for international calls to both landlines and cell phones
  • highest possible call quality
  • ease of use. WDT easy is simple and convenient. You can call from any phoneand take advantage of numerous calling features like SpeedDial or Pinless Dialing.

WDT Easy is very easy to use. There are no monthly statements or hidden fees. You pay only for the minutes you used.

To make international calls you must:

  • Open WDT Easy account - to open new account click OPEN NEW ACCOUNT on wdteasy.com We do not ask for SSN and do not check your credit history. You will be asked to enter your phone number, address and Credit Card number for billing purposes.
  • Buy credit - to start making international calls you must purchase credit. You can choose any amount - there is no minimum. Once you will use your credit, you can easily reload it by logging into your account at wdteasy.com. You can also choose to automatically reload your account with amount specified by you.
  • Start calling - you can use any phone. Simply dial one of our Access Numbers and after a brief prompt enter the destination number.

Go to www.wdteasy.com and click OPEN NEW ACCOUNT. You will be asked to enter your phone number, address and credit card number.

Opening new WDT Easy account will allow you to make international calls via WDT Easy. It will allow you to check the detailed list of your recent calls, check your ballance, buy credit for international calls and manage numerous features like: Pinless Dialing, SpeedDial, automatic recharge of your account, etc.

No. You can open and manage your account oline at ww.WDTeasy.com

You will never receive any statement from WDT Easy. While opening your account, you will load certain amount of money via Credit Card payment. You will be able to use WDT Easy until you will use the amount that you have paid. You can always reload your account with additional funds by logging to your account or by setting automatic reloads. All transactions will be charged to your credit card.

After registering your phone number you will never be asked for a PIN number. You will be simply entering the international number you wish to dial or pres a single number after you set up the Sped Dial feature.