IMPORTANT information for WDT Easy customers!
Due to the recent merger of WDT, Inc. and MasterCall Connections, some changes have been made to the service you currently use:
1) If you already have or would like to sign up for a new WDT Easy (pinless only) account – everything works as usual,
2) If you have WDT/MasterCall postpaid account for your home phone number and a pinless account for your mobile (or any other) phone – everything works as usual,
3) If you have WDT/MasterCall postpaid account and would like to use the same phone number for WDT Easy (pinless) account – you will need to DIAL a PIN,
4) From now on, you will have ONE unified (combined) BALANCE for each account,
5) To make calls please use ONLY the access numbers that are currently LISTED on the WEBSITE,
6) If you’re unable to log in into your account on the website, please contact Customer Service for a new password.
Thank you for being our loyal customer!
WDT Easy by MasterCall